High Value Software and Services

Triangle Solutions has been founded in 2000 in Fryslân, a province in the north of the Netherlands. The starting point of the founders was a user-friendly and efficient tooling, quickly implementable, no unnecessary features and no expensive consultancy. Therefore in collaboration with the University of Groningen was started developing:

1. TSMS (Triangle Solutions Monitoring System), a monitoring tool. 
Some of the benefits of TSMS:
Monitors your whole IT environment
Prevents serious and often costly faults (pro-active)
Suitable for both larger and smaller organizations
Extended signaling capabilities
Automatic recovery actions
Flexible integration with other systems
Continuous overview of your ICT environment
Minimal impact on your production systems
Monitoring across ISDN or satellite connections is possible
Very low network traffic monitoring of guarded environments
Central configuration
Short installation and implementation time
User-friendly platform-independent
Monitoring of secure environments through web browser
Prevents endless troubleshooting
Powerful filtering prevents receiving too many messages
Report incidents
Substantial cost reduction in system management
Brings continuity into your management
IT becomes measurable and transparent

2. Cyber Data Defense (VDSS):
Your last line of Defense.

Guards your Sensitive Data and Stop Ransomware immediately.

Cyber Data Defense (VDSS) monitors important or sensitive data in real time and alerts when this data is being accessed in potentially inappropriate ways. For example Cyber Data Defense can signal when a user, who has no rights, nevertheless accesses the data. Ransomware, compressing your files will be immediately stopped by Cyber Data Defense (VDSS).

Itexis helps end customers to implement a global approach to application service quality and load stress testing under the angle of the user perception. AppsLoad and AppsMon suites developed by Itexis implement an innovative methodology that anticipates, simulates and determines bottlenecks of an application chain, providing suitable solutions for it, and supplying accurate metrics for quality insurance. AppsLoad and AppsMon softwares are designed for use by end customers as well as by integrators, software publishers and developers that recognized as major players in the application and infrastructure industry.

Relavance Software S.A is a leading provider of Associative Information Technology solutions. Their platform allows integration of your existing systems and data into a single platform, and provides sophisticated dashboards for data visualization and analytics. Relavance Software is a groundbreaking new technology that attains the ultimate goal in data management. With a truly associative database model each piece of information is atomic in nature and can be associated with any other piece of information.

eGSuite provides a comprehensive solution that enables IT infrastructures to address IT challenges. eGSuite proactively alerts you when your applications are not running optimally and quickly isolates the source of the problem, before users notice it. eG Innovations is considered as the most advanced and user friendly Pro-Active next generation Monitoring solution with intensive support for more than 150 applications using One single agent unlike other vendors.

Low-code platform for core systems:

Model your own enterprise software.

Using the Thinkwise low-code platform, you can create sizeable business applications that seamlessly integrate with all your business processes, with minimal technical expertise. This allows the Thinkwise Platform to boost your productivity enormously, increasing it up to ten times compared to traditional software development. New propositions or business processes are converted to a perfectly tailored solution in no-time. And apart from flexibility and speed, your software is also automatically kept technologically up to date.

Using Thinkwise platform you can modernize your legacy Core Applications and reduce time-to-market, improve processes, innovate, and reduce the costs and risks of enterprise core application projects.

Thinkwise makes traditional software development challenges a thing of the past.

The SentinelOne platform delivers the defenses you need to prevent, detect, and undo—known and unknown—threats.
Smarter, Stronger, Faster…Autonomous.

Cybersecurity that prevents threats at faster speed, greater scale, and higher accuracy than humanly possible. The Singularity XDR is the only cybersecurity platform empowering modern enterprises to take action in real-time with greater visibility of their dynamic attack surface and AI-Powered automation.